Cindy van der Loon

Eindhovens finest high school drop out

With her glitzy outfits, stylised wigs and sky high heels, multi-talented drag artist Cindy van der Loon would turn heads even if looking glamorous was her only talent. But “she” isn’t just another man in a dress: Cindy is a successful comedienne, bingo host, actress and vogue champion. She slays the house down in her residency of DayDayGay, but can be seen across the whole lowlands with gigs as high as Groningen and as low as Limburg.

Who doesn't love Cindy?


After I saw Cindy perform in some weird container village, my life changed forever. I finally got rid of my crabs. Thanks forever, my queen, Cindy.
Bas de Beer
When I met Cindy I was amazed, when I got to know her I was astounded and a little bit afraid. She made me realize there is no I in team, but there is one in Fierce. She puts the man in woman.
Brendan Vos
I remember seeing Cindy perform at the Warehouse of Innovation. The way she handled being a toilet lady with such grace and finesse. It was just outstanding! I even heard she does some actual drag shows now too! Good for her!
Pjotr Hilhorst
Bearded twink
I’ve been battling rare obsession with Britney Spears for 15 years. That was until I saw one of Cindy’s performances. Now Cindy is my life, and I can’t get through a few days without checking her website for a new gig announcement. Please book Cindy so I can live again. Also tell me her address and BSN number so I can steal her identity and become her.
Cindy's wannabe

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One time she punched me in the face. It was awesome.
Davy de Lepper
My role model. My mother. Or like we say in Dutch: een lekker wijf.
Mayke Peeters
Fag hag
The first and last time I tried on heels was with Cindy. Her shoes were, literally and figuratively, too big to fill. Hope I can enjoy her shade forever!
Bram Vervoort
Boy next door
I can vouch for Cindy’s performances in the bedroom. The rash passed in just a few days. 4.5 stars.
Ralf Jacobs
When is saw Cindy for the first time, she spoke to me and said:

Que será, será, whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see, Que será, será

Since that day I’m living my life as a king. Thnxs Cindy you changed my life
Ralf van Neer
Drama queen
Drag mother of Ivana Champagne from the house of PLASMA. The birth lasted only 3 hours, and she needed no stitches after! Please book my Mom so I can stay up late again.

Rihanna, Madonna, Celine, Gaga, Janet, Cindy.
Jess Oberlin

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- xoxo -

Cindy van der Loon

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